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Mandl S, Novak A, Kollndorfer K, Seidl R, Bartha-Doering L,

European Journal of Paediatric Neurology (2023)
doi: .

Conference Paper: DRS 2024 Resistance, Recovery, Reflection, Reimagination (2024)

Jellema P, Tutenel P, Moser B, Schoss A-S, Kevdžija M, Jelić A, Heylighen A,

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We are excited to announce that new papers, posters, and conference contributions will soon be published. These works have already been reviewed and submitted. Once they are officially published, they will be linked here.
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Schoss A-S, Marquardt G,

Children with Stroke: An Investigation of Their Home Environment

Conference Paper: ARCH24 Effects of Design on Health and Wellbeing (2024)

A Participatory Game to Explore the Relationship between Emotional Well-being and the Built Environment in Stroke-Affected Children

Moser B, Kevdžija M, Kühn C,

Conference Poster: ARCH24 Effects of Design on Health and Wellbeing (2024)